A global view and an eye for detail
With investment teams and proprietary research capabilities around the globe, we are well positioned to search for differentiated investment ideas: to uncover the story within the story, the hidden risks and potential rewards.
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Why Wellington Management Funds

Wellington Management Funds include European-domiciled UCITS and non-UCITS funds as well as specific fund families domiciled outside of Europe. These funds draw on the broad equity, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives investment capabilities of our global investment teams. We’ve built our family of funds to provide institutions, financial intermediaries, wealth managers and other investors worldwide with both the breadth and the focus needed to address a wide range of investment objectives and challenges.

Four distinctive strengths

Four distinctive strengths

A singular focus on investment management

Our only business is managing money for our clients, allowing us to concentrate on exceeding their investment and service expectations.

Open, collaborative culture
We have built our organisation to foster healthy debate, diversity of thought, and the free exchange of ideas — conditions we believe are essential for informed investment decision making.
Long-term perspective and stability of a partnership structure

Our private ownership structure provides stability, allows us to focus on long-term results, aligns our interests with those of our fund investors and other clients, and helps us find and retain outstanding talent.

Empowered investment teams and rigorous proprietary research

We describe our investment model as a “community of boutiques”. Each investment team has complete freedom of philosophy and process, but is backed by the resources of a large, global firm.

Fund Offerings

Fixed Income

Pursue opportunities across the spectrum of global bond market sectors with fixed income funds backed by multidisciplinary research from our investment teams around the world.


Benefit from our independent yet collaborative approach to equity research with equity funds that span a variety of regions, industries, market capitalisations and styles.


Address diverse investment challenges through multi-asset funds employing the innovative research and capabilities of our Global Multi-Asset Strategies team.


Aim to improve diversification, mitigate volatility and potentially enhance returns with our alternative investment funds, which benefit from our firm’s 20+ years’ experience in alternative strategies.