The Economist’s Sustainability Week interview: Countdown to COP26

A wind turbine

In this event replay from The Economist’s 2021 Sustainability Week, Head of Sustainable Investment Wendy Cromwell discusses how investors are incorporating climate science data into investment decisions, the anticipated implications for capital markets of climate change adaption, and net-zero considerations for the energy transition.

After the inflection point: how the climate challenge will transform the global economy

Space view of Earth

The decarbonisation commitments of countries around the world will fundamentally reshape the global economy. Members of our Central Macro Team highlight their research findings, from the effects on growth and the cost of capital to the potential for geopolitical conflict and higher inflation.

Video roundtable: What are the biggest climate misconceptions?

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Four climate specialists discuss where they perceive market wrong-headedness on climate change. Learn how they look beyond consensus to uncover climate-related opportunities for our clients.

Why climate change is inflationary (and what to do about it)

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Strategist and Portfolio Manager Nick Samouilhan and Investment Director Joy Perry explore the link between climate change and inflation and suggest strategies to help mitigate the threat to client portfolios.

The time is ripe for US utilities stocks

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Global Industry Analyst Juanjuan Niska lays out four compelling reasons to consider the US utilities sector in today’s environment.

Tangible steps to decarbonise portfolios

Shadow in water

We explore why equity investors need to start reducing exposure to climate risk and outline a balanced approach to moving portfolios towards net zero.

Adapting to climate change: investing in the resiliency imperative

Boat House

As the risks of climate change increase, so does the need to build resiliency. Members of our Climate Research Team discuss why they believe demand for climate adaptation solutions could grow exponentially, and how they think about investing in solutions for a range of climate variables, including heat, flooding, wildfires and water scarcity.

ECB’s new framework: a stark contrast with the Fed

City and the bridge

The strategic review of eurozone monetary policy ushered in a more hawkish regimen than the US Federal Reserve’s. But the most important changes may have been to its climate change disclosure requirements.

Video roundtable: Climate mitigation and adaptation

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As part of our recent climate investment roundtable, Director of Climate Research Chris Goolgasian and Global Industry Analyst Alan Hsu discuss why and how the physical and transition risks of climate change are driving investment opportunities.

Update on key sustainability initiatives

A view of the number of windmills

We highlight progress on key sustainability initiatives: interim targets for our net-zero commitment, inclusion of location data in climate disclosures and expanding our compliance with SFDR.