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For over 40 years, at each new business cycle, Wellington investors have been presented with a challenge: Look past current headlines to find structural trendlines that will shape markets, society and the economy in the next five to 10 years. Our goal is to extend our horizons, gather a range of diverse ideas, ignite debate and collaboration and identify potential investment opportunities ahead of the market.
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sustainability, systems, society, and Science

This multimedia experience highlights the output of our Future Themes initiative. We explore the key themes driving the future of markets, profiling trends in sustainability, systems, society, and science.

What will it take for crypto to become a viable asset class? Have we put the right price on water? Listen to Mary Pryshlak, CFA, head of Investment Research, explore these and other Future Themes topics on the latest episode of FCLTGlobal’s Going Long Podcast.

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Water scarcity

By providing capital for water-related solutions, investors can help forestall a crisis, while potentially generating attractive long-term returns for their clients.

Climate migration

We will explore drivers of permanent climate migration, the range of economic and geopolitical impacts, and potential near- and longer-term investment implications.

In our second Future Themes event, members of our investment team discuss the growing importance of water scarcity, climate migration, and how we integrate climate research into our investment process today.



EM-ification of DM

Research suggests that many developed markets are beginning to resemble their emerging markets counterparts in some ways. 

Digitization of money

We evaluate cryptocurrencies as an asset class, explore the future of central bank digital currencies, and highlight eight exciting impacts of blockchain technology.

In our third Future Themes event, members of our investment team discuss the impacts of two global phenomena — the digitization of money and the EM-ification of developed markets.



Through the lens of three diverse personas, our investors explore the future of society by examining a range of topics including the impact of extended life expectancy, the importance of scalable, technology-led education, and the emerging focus on personal development.

A 20-year-old living in an emerging market, a 45-year-old living in a developed market, and a retiree in China – these are the diverse lives of the future our investment team explores in the fourth event of our Future Themes series.



What is the factory of the future? What are the implications if we had gene sequences for an entire population? What is the future of collaboration? Our investors research how automation will impact these three important questions.

In our final event of the Future Themes series, our investment teams explore both the fears and benefits around the future of automation. How will factory, medical and enterprise automation evolve in the years ahead?


Over the years, our Future Themes research has preceded and helped investors prepare for real-world events. 

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The danger is that we become creatures of the past and present. Future Themes should be a safe space for imaginative long-term thinking. Being right is not the objective; the focus should be to widen the breadth of investment possibilities we consider.

— Scott Elliott, Portfolio Manager

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