Our fund manager capabilities

We design Wellington Management funds to help investors meet their objectives in increasingly complex markets.


Wellington Management funds aim to address a range of objectives and challenges through the broad capabilities of one of the world’s largest privately owned fund managers. Our mission is to exceed the investment objectives and service expectations of our fund investors and their advisers worldwide.

Wellington Management’s investment teams around the world work closely with each other, sharing and stress-testing ideas in a continuous effort to identify differentiated opportunities. We believe this integrated, global dialogue offers a true advantage.

Number of investment professionals

Local knowledge + global collaboration = interpretation advantage


Equity funds

Our equity funds span a variety of disciplines, regions, industries, market capitalisations and styles. Our research and investment professionals collaborate daily to help our fund investors pursue a range of objectives, from generating capital appreciation and income to gaining exposure to undiscovered opportunities and diversifying sources of return.


Fixed income funds

By combining global, multidisciplinary research with holistic risk management and proprietary tools and technology, we are able to offer a broad range of fixed income funds. Wellington Management’s fixed income investment professionals include specialist portfolio managers, market strategists and credit and quantitative analysts.


Multi-asset funds

Wellington Management has managed multi-asset funds since 1928, and today we seek to meet a range of investor goals through innovative research and outcome-oriented investment approaches. Our multi-asset offerings include global tactical asset allocation, inflation-hedge, absolute-return and balanced approaches.


Alternatives funds

We offer alternatives funds that tap into Wellington Management’s expertise across all major asset classes, supported by multidisciplinary proprietary research and a robust trading and risk-management infrastructure. We offer a broad family of alternatives funds designed to help our fund investors meet a variety of goals, including mitigating equity volatility, limiting sensitivity to interest-rate cycles, achieving inflation-plus or income targets, enhancing diversification and amplifying returns.

*All alternatives assets are also included in the assets of the Equity, Fixed Income, and Multi-Asset asset-class categories.

All figures are for the Wellington Management Group of companies as at 31 March 2020.