Effective exposure to secular trends through listed infrastructure

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How an allocation to select listed infrastructure companies can offer investors long-term exposure to secular trends such as decarbonisation.

Ten essential climate questions for private companies

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We explore how climate change impacts private companies and share the top questions for companies to be prepared to address as this issue grows.

Decarbonisation and the energy transition: the next supercycle

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The low-carbon transition could be the biggest capital cycle of our lifetime, fuelled by massive spending and extensive infrastructure development. We break down the investment implications.

Impact investing in practice: supporting the shift to alternative energy


In this case study, we explore how our impact team supports the shift to alternative energy while seeking to capture the associated return potential.

2022 Insurance Outlook — Three transition year themes — inflation, capital, ESG

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Insurance Multi-Asset Strategist Tim Antonelli believes 2022 is going to be a year of transition for the global insurance industry, with the three big themes of inflation, capital and ESG likely to play prominent roles in many insurers’ strategic planning and decisions.

Why COP26 was (probably) more constructive than headlines suggest

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From better targets to methane to financial commitments, a climate investor shares his views on the lasting positive outcomes likely to emerge from the recent global conference on climate change.

2022 Climate Change Investing Outlook

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Multi-Asset Strategists Nick Samouilhan and Tim Antonelli and Investment Strategy Analyst Patrick Wattiau outline an approach to incorporating the capital-market impact of climate change in multi-asset portfolios. Director of Climate Research Chris Goolgasian and members of our climate investing teams preview the firm’s 2022 agenda with Woodwell Climate Research Center and explain their increasing emphasis on engagement.

Global ESG Research Update —
Update on stewardship priorities

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We share an update on our 2021 stewardship priorities, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and climate change. We also provide an update on our ESG engagement and proxy voting activity in the quarter.

Climate Action’s Sustainable Investment Forum interview: climate leader insight

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In this event replay from the 2021 Sustainable Investment Forum North America, Head of Sustainable Investment Wendy Cromwell discusses the tools asset owners can consider to align portfolios with the energy transition, how investors are incorporating climate science into investment decisions and how corporations can build credible climate commitments.

Tying ESG to alpha — in practice

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In a climate-driven capital cycle, companies that prioritise the environment and formulate clear climate strategies can become market leaders.