Fixed income funds

Wellington Management brings market-leading fixed income capabilities to managing more than USD 400 billion in client assets. We offer a broad range of fixed income funds targeting a variety of objectives.


Our fixed income capabilities span all publicly traded global bond market sectors. Our fixed income funds combine both top-down and bottom-up inputs to identify and exploit fixed income market inefficiencies around the world. Macroeconomic analysts and market strategists identify top-down structural and cyclical risks and opportunities, while our bottom-up, fundamental research approach draws on insights from both fixed income and equity analysts. This balanced perspective, combined with access to the management teams from the companies in which we invest, can help us anticipate changes in issuers’ capital structures before these changes are priced into their securities.

Fixed income funds can help meet a variety of objectives, including generating income, mitigating downside risk, diversifying a portfolio and enhancing returns. We offer funds that pursue each of these objectives.

All investors should consider the risks that may impact their capital, before investing. The value of your investment may become worth more or less than at the time of the original investment.


Wellington Management’s fixed income investment professionals — comprising specialist portfolio managers, market strategists, sector experts and more than 40 credit and quantitative analysts — are based in the UK, the US and the Hong Kong. Each portfolio management team is independent and empowered to make investment decisions for the fund it is responsible for. Our fixed income managers draw on Wellington Management’s global resources, which gives them access to diversified sources of return and may help to generate more consistent performance in different market environments.

Focus Funds


Our private partnership structure helps us to attract and retain world-class investment talent and allows us to align their performance incentives with the achievement of our fund investors’ objectives. This has contributed to the depth, experience and continuity of our fixed income investment professionals. Our dedicated fixed income professionals include:

Our investment professionals have exceptional access to company management teams, taking part in more than 10,000 meetings with issuers each year. Our credit analysts collaborate with our in-house equity analysts and with our dedicated environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) research team, which provides proprietary sector, country and individual issuer assessments. We believe this integration of equity, credit and ESG research generates robust analysis with differentiated insights for our portfolio managers. Our balanced, multidisciplinary perspective can help us anticipate changes in issuers’ capital structures before these changes are priced into their securities.


We use advanced risk-management systems to help portfolio managers take only intended investment risks that have the potential to provide attractive returns for investors. These proprietary systems allow us to monitor concentrations of risk within investment styles and across the firm, while testing how investment positions might behave in challenging markets. We continue to refine these tools, ensuring their relevance amid ever-changing market conditions and continued innovation in new security types.


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