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Enhancing impact: investor and enterprise contribution

Impact measurement and management (IMM) is central to our impact investing philosophy and process. Contribution lies at the heart of IMM, helping to keep us and the companies we hold transparent and accountable. As we continue to seek levers for enhancing impact, we aim to evolve and hone our thinking about contribution.

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Impact measurement and management (IMM) drives our approach to impact investing, with enterprise and investor contribution at the heart of the process. Without a robust approach to IMM, we would be unable to achieve our objectives: outperforming market indices and delivering attractive results for our clients by investing in companies and issuers whose core products and services, in our view, help solve the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.

Because we believe innovative impact solutions are the key to creating both financial value and tangible impact, investors must be able to analyze, track, and measure impact outcomes as thoroughly as they do financial outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable for quantifying an investee’s enterprise contribution — positive and negative — and assessing how the impact outcomes potentially support long-term financial success.

We also strive to demonstrate our own contribution by providing responsible exits for private impact companies through patient capital and impact alignment; by signaling to public-market participants the importance of impact; and by actively engaging, addressing underserved markets, and supplying capital. In this paper, we share our evolution on IMM and our thinking about contribution, particularly investor contribution…

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Our approach to sustainable investing


Fixed income impact investing: growth, evolution, opportunity  
Members of our fixed income team share their perspectives on the growing need for impact solutions, the expanding opportunity set and the team's focus on engagement with issuers.
Archived insights remain available on the site. Please consider the publish date while reading these older insights.
May 2022
Fixed income impact investing: growth, evolution, opportunity