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FinTech Fund


Global equity fund seeking to invest in the companies reshaping the world of financial services.

Giving exposure to

Payment systems

The world economy continues to enjoy a long runway on its steady transition from cash to digital payments, as 60% of global transactions still take place in cash. We believe this persistent shift has the potential to drive huge opportunities in consumer, software-enabled and business-to-business payments.

Digitisation of financial services

The digitisation of processes that used to be done manually can make a firm’s operations cheaper and more efficient and often helps them achieve better end-customer experiences. We think digitisation can also deliver financial services solutions to new markets and underserved populations, like the roughly 1.5 billion adults worldwide that do not have access to bank accounts.

Technology infrastructure

Most banks’ IT systems were built in the 1980s and are ripe for improvements. In our view, this space has reached an inflection point as banks turn from defensive regulatory spending to offensive investment in growth. We think fintech firms will be key beneficiaries as banks look to upgrade their systems.

Wellington Management estimates as of December 2020.

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