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Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Rigour finds the hidden gems

EM bonds managed firmwide

USD 34 B

Countries rated by our fixed income analysts


Number of dedicated EM debt investors



Our emerging markets fixed income approaches are built on a combination of expertise and collaboration. A long history of investing in emerging markets and a culture of sharing ideas across our deep investment platform give us an edge when evaluating emerging sovereign and corporate debt opportunities.

Broad and deep research
Global lens
Broad and deep research

Our experienced team of dedicated emerging markets fixed income investors and credit analysts generates ratings on over 80 emerging countries and covers nearly 400 emerging corporate issuers.

Global lens

We believe that taking a global perspective is critical when investing in emerging markets. Strong connections between emerging and developed markets mean that outside events can often be big drivers of emerging markets’ performance.


Collaboration between colleagues specialising in equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, macroeconomics and ESG provides global context and helps our investors build a well-rounded picture of the emerging markets fixed income landscape. To form a holistic view of emerging markets issuers, our credit and equity analysts often have joint meetings with company management teams and key policymakers.

Our Heritage

  • 1999

    We launch our first dedicated emerging markets debt approach, which forms the foundation of our emerging markets fixed income platform

  • 2006

    We develop an opportunistic approach to give clients added flexibility and help them take advantage of opportunities across emerging markets sectors

  • 2007

    Continuing to grow with the market, we expand into emerging local debt, offering our clients exposure to both interest rates and currencies

  • 2009

    We establish an emerging markets blended approach to suit clients wishing to delegate sector allocation to a dedicated specialist

  • 2011

    We launch a dedicated emerging markets corporate debt approach, offering our clients greater diversity within their emerging markets allocations

  • 2015

    For investors looking to take a more strategic approach to emerging local debt with a focus on risk-adjusted returns, we create our first emerging markets advanced beta strategy

  • Today

    We offer a full range of strategies across the emerging markets landscape to meet investors' needs, including hard currency, local currency and corporate emerging debt

Our fixed income funds seek out the hidden gems

Emerging Local Debt Fund

Blending a quantitative framework with fundamental analysis to uncover opportunities in local interest-rate and currency markets

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Investors should consider the risks that may impact their capital. The value of your investment may become more or less than the amount you initially invested.



In-depth research is key when investing in an asset class as diverse and multi-faceted as emerging markets debt. Wellington’s emerging debt specialists explain how they bring together multiple perspectives to track market dynamics and identify alpha opportunities outside the mainstream.

Emerging Markets Insights

All figures are for the Wellington Management Group of companies as at 31 December 2018.

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