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We believe it is possible to achieve strong returns by investing in companies focused on addressing the world's major social and environmental problems. Demand for solutions to these challenges is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades. We see particular opportunities among publicly listed companies with innovative solutions and large addressable markets that are aligned with structural impact trends. Shorter-term volatility may be experienced given the nature and size of the companies, and the investment approach may therefore be more suitable for long-term investors.


Building a better world

Portfolio Manager Eric Rice explains why he believes that an approach seeking innovative companies dedicated to impact causes can potentially deliver attractive returns.


In 2017 the Wellington Global Impact Fund invested in Companies which:

Provided education and job training to more than 2 million people
Supplied more than 500,000 affordable housing units and 930,000 loan to low-and middle-income families
Generated 315 terawatt hours of renewable energy, enough to power 35 million homes and avoid 235 million metric tons of CO2 emissions
Connected 166 million people to mobile financial services
Advanced the development of disease treatments that may help more than 18 million people
Provided digital access to nearly 150 million people in developing countries

The 2017 portfolio companies’ highlights are for illustrative purposes only. The data is based on proprietary research into companies held in our clients’ portfolios managed within the Global Impact strategy as at 31 December 2017. Data is sourced from multiple repositories, and certain data provided is from a third party. While this data is believed to be reliable, no assurance is being provided as to its accuracy or completeness. Additional information regarding the source of specific data points is available upon request. Source: Wellington Management Global Impact Annual Report, April 2018.

Wellington Global Impact Fund

All investors should consider the risks that may impact their capital, before investing. The value of your investment may become worth more or less at the time of the original investment. INVESTORS SHOULD REFER TO THE FUND PROSPECTUS AND KEY INVESTOR INFORMATION DOCUMENT FOR A FULL LIST OF RISK FACTORS AND PRE-INVESTMENT DISCLOSURES BEFORE INVESTING.

Our impact themes

We focus on 10 impact investment themes, which we believe represent some of the world's major social and environmental challenges, and these drive our positive stock selection. These impact themes cover the broad areas of life essentials, human empowerment and the environment.

  • sleep icon

    Life Essentials

    • Sustainable agriculture and nutrition
    • Health
    • Clean water and sanitation
    • Affordable housing
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    Human Empowerment

    • Education and jobs training
    • Financial inclusion
    • Digital divide
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    • Alternative energy
    • Resource stewardship
    • Resource efficiency

The Wellington Global Impact Fund supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG - No poverty
SDG logo - zero hunger
SDG logo - good health and well-being
SDG logo - Quality education
SDG logo - Gender equality
SDG logo - clean water and sanitation
SDG logo - Affordable and clean energy
SDG logo - decent work and economic growth
SDG logo - Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
SDG logo - reduced inequalities
SDG logo - sustainable cities and communities
SDG logo - responsible consumption and production
SDG logo - climate action
SDG logo - Life below water
SDG logo - Life on land
SDG logo - peace, justice and strong institutions
SDG logo - partnerships for the goals
SDG logo - sustainable development goals
Eric Rice

Eric M. Rice, PhD

Portfolio Manager

Eric is the architect of Wellington Management’s social impact strategy. He manages our flagship Global Impact portfolio and is a thought leader for the development of social impact and other thematic investment ideas that support the firm’s portfolio managers and analysts. Eric has a long history as an analyst on several investment portfolios, conducting investment research that ranges across all regions and macro-level issues, and incorporating investment themes into portfolios at the security level. Eric’s passion for social impact developed initially through his service as a US diplomat in Rwanda and deepened during his doctoral studies and through his position as a country economist at the World Bank.

Patrick Kent

R. Patrick Kent, CFA, CMT

Portfolio Manager

Patrick is a portfolio manager on Wellington’s Global Impact strategy. He conducts fundamental and impact analysis on equities considered for inclusion in the portfolio, covering companies across all sectors and geographies. Over the past decade, Patrick has studied the philosophical underpinnings of broad global issues and how biophysical economics can provide helpful framework to address some of these challenges. His thematic research includes studies on sustainable global growth, environmental cleanup, alternative energy, climate change, water scarcity, sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and the disruptive role of energy in economic growth and development.

Andrew Snow

Andrew M. Snow, CFA

Director of Multi-Asset Product Management

Drew leads our Multi-Asset Product Management team. In this capacity, his team supports the firm’s multi-asset investment effort in multiple ways, including spearheading the development of innovative investment strategies to help meet the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring the investment integrity of our existing capabilities, and interacting with clients, prospects, and consultants to discuss specific investment approaches and investment topics. Drew is also the vice chair of the firm’s Multi-Strategy Investment Review Group. Drew has worked internally and externally coordinating Wellington’s sustainable investing efforts across the firm’s independent investment teams, Global Industry Research team, and our central ESG Research Group. He also works on Wellington’s public market impact investing approach, Global Impact.


Louise Kooy-Henckel

Investment Director

In her role as Investment Director at Wellington Management, Louise has a particular focus on impact investing (environmental and social). She is responsible for a range of equity investment approaches, including our Global Impact equity offering, for clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She is involved with the integrity of the investment approaches by overseeing portfolio positioning, performance and risk exposures. Louise also meets with clients, prospects and consultants to communicate the investment philosophy, strategy, positioning and performance. She has a strong vision for raising the awareness and understanding of impact investing and engages institutional investors and other asset owners to help them invest in ways that maximise their value alignment without compromising their fiduciary responsibility. Louise is an alumna of the Impact Investing Programme at the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School.

Quyen Tran

Quyen V. Tran

Equity Portfolio Specialist

As a member of Wellington’s Global Impact team, Quyen assumed a strategic role before the product launched, developing key relationships with the broader impact investing community and engaging in thought partnership that help shaped Wellington’s impact strategy in public equities. She analyzes and communicates the investment approach, meets with clients, and speaks at impact investing conferences. Quyen’s passion for social enterprise was kindled by her experiences as a student in India, classroom teacher in Vietnam, volunteer for public school children in the US, and member of Harvard Business School’s Alumni for Impact initiative.

Global Impact Annual Report

See the fund’s 2017 impact and performance results, learn about the impact metrics used to evaluate companies, get details about the investment approach and top holdings, and read about our portfolio managers’ outlook for the coming year.


What is impact investing?

Alleviating hunger, expanding access to health care and bridging the digital divide are not typical investment criteria for most fund managers. Yet companies addressing the world's biggest social and environmental challenges represent significant potential business opportunities. Impact investing seeks to earn an attractive return while helping to improve the lives of people around the world.

Until recently, the various forms of social investing mainly sought to exclude stocks seen as harmful to society. Socially responsible investing (SRI) aims to avoid companies that trade in perceived social negatives such as tobacco, gambling or alcohol, while Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investors seek to integrate ESG risk and opportunities into investment analysis and dialogues with portfolio companies. While SRI and ESG factors are typically incorporated within impact investment processes – for example, our impact portfolio managers do not invest in stocks associated with fossil fuels – impact investing goes further by actively seeking companies whose core products and services intentionally and measurably address the world’s largest social and environmental problems.


The efforts of non-market players, such as governments and NGOs, appear insufficient to solve these pressing global problems, even when combined with private investments. Impact investing through public equity markets, which remains in its infancy, is evolving rapidly to help make up the shortfall in required funding. 

1.6 billion people lack affordable basic shelter
750 million adults are illiterate. 2/3 of these are women
Infographic - Each year, landfills release 800 million metric tons of CO2. Converted to energy, that waste could power 84.5 million homes for one year
Infographic - 10,000 diseases are known today. Treatments exist for just 500
Infographic - warming oceans and melting land ice will add 1 - 4 feed to global sea levels by 2100

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The opportunity ahead

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    Potential return enhancement

    Impact companies seek to address large underserved and rapidly growing markets and we believe secular tailwinds are likely to keep driving investor interest ...

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    Impact companies tend to be underrepresented in traditional market indexes, so they may provide diversification within a broader equity portfolio.

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    Exploiting inefficiencies

    We think this is an inefficient and inherently misunderstood area of the market, which allows dedicated investors to uncover potentially attractive opportuni...

Measuring Success

For impact investments, it is crucial to comprehensively evaluate each company's progress towards its social or environmental goals. For every business we invest in, we seek to ensure that impact is central to its mission, that its efforts are sustainable and cannot be duplicated effectively by other means, and that its impact can be measured.

Using our proprietary research and access to company management teams, we develop key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each company to assess its impact goals, focusing on outcomes and impact but also recognising its aspirations.

Our Global Impact Portfolio Managers seek to engage with companies supportively, not as activists. They encourage innovative portfolio companies to raise awareness of their social impact and partner with leading industry participants (including academics, private investors and investment banks) to help foster the development of the ecosystem.

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